Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core Steel Reinforced Concrete Panels

A factory-made EPS panel for
a standardised building process.

At the very heart of the ‘Hikae Equs’ System is the ‘Hikae Equs’ single panel with ‘Hikae Equs insulating core’; it is modular, pre-fab and enclosed by a galvanized TMT rod mesh joined by connectors creating a trussed structure. The panel is industrially produced and it is then assembled and completed directly at site with two layers of concrete. The self-supporting panels can be made in various shapes and cover an entire range of elements necessary to finalise any type of project in the building industry. Thanks to the ‘Hikae Equs’ panel, the ‘Hikae Equs’ System allows high-quality structures to be built at a very economical price, due to the efficiency achieved in the construction work. The modularity of the ‘Hikae Equs’ System affords absolute design flexibility and high degree of integration with other building systems. Likewise, the simplicity of the assembly, the extreme lightness and manageability of the panels allow the realisation of any type of building, even in adverse working conditions, earthquake-prone areas and climate extremes. The ‘Hikae Equs ’panels are available in the following variants to pick and choose from as per requirement.

Single Panel

The single panel is made up of ‘Hikae Equs insulating core’, enclosed within a galvanised TMT rod mesh linked together by connectors; to be finished with two layers of concrete. After an application of structural plaster on both sides, it is used as a supporting structure, for buildings up to four floors. It is perfect for partitions and claddings; as claddings and partitions wall in large-sized industrial and commercial buildings; as an insulating framework for roofing and moderate floors. These eps panels are approved as a load bearing wall by numerous certifications worldwide viz. the ETA certification in Europe, the ESR evaluation report from International Code Council (ICC) and the Technical Evaluation Report (TER) from Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) in the US.

Single Panel - eps Sandwich panels- Hikae Equs
Double Panel - eps Sandwich panels- Hikae Equs

Double Panel

The double panel is an ideal option for the reinforced concrete walls such as load- bearing walls and retaining walls. The double panel is made up of two basic eps panels, shaped as required, and joined together by double horizontal connectors creating a hollow core between them, to be then filled with concrete of desired strength to meet the project needs. A layer of plaster is then applied to the panel on the outer faces. The double reinforced eps panel meets building code requirements for reinforced concrete ‘Eurocode 2’ (EC2) and all other building codes recognised across the world.

Floor Panel

The floor panels are meant for creating floors and roofs with reinforced concrete beams; as they offer considerable advantages in terms of lightness, insulation and assembly speed. The floor panels are made of a moulded sheets of ‘Hikae Equs insulating panels’ and are used in floors and roofing of buildings with the supplementary steel additions as special joist beams and then followed up with a casting of cement mix. It is ideal for floors and roofs with reinforced concrete beams.
Floor Panel -EPS Floor Panel Manufacturer - Hikae Equs

Stair Panel

The stair panel comprises a ‘Hikae Equs’ Insulating block, shaped according to the design requirements and sandwiched between two galvanized TMT rod meshes. Once this panel is properly reinforced, it is then completely casted in the appropriate spaces. It is ideal to build stairs, which then can then be superficially finished with traditional plaster, tiles, etc. The stair panel is characterised by a distinct lightness and structural resistance.

Landing Panel

These panels are used to build landings, floors and bi-directionally reinforced plates. The ‘Hikae Equs’ landing panel is an excellent solution for building landings adjacent to staircases made with the ‘Hikae Equs’ stair panel. The landing panel can also be used for any plate or slab in reinforced concrete that needs reinforcement in two directions. With the advantage of a considerable reduction in weight compared to a solid concrete slab, and the presence of a continuous insulation that also acts as a formwork. Ideal for landings, floors and bi-directional armed plates.
Landing Panel - eps Sandwich panels- building materials-Hikae Equs
Curved Panel - eps Sandwich panels - building materials- Hikae Equs

Curved Panel

The curved panel is a very special panel, of great dimensions and thickness, produced in the factory in a flat shape and arranged to be curved, later, at the site. Thus, the panel produced is easily transported and then, manually or semi-automatically, curved at the site into the desired form, using pneumatic tools. The main advantage of these EPS Sandwich panels is its ability to cover large surfaces quickly and conveniently. These panels give the architects, the freedom to be more creative and try out new shapes. The curved surface enhances air circulation, reduces potential moisture and thus improves thermal performances of the houses.