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Energy Efficiency
Buildings are huge energy guzzlers. Greater wastage accrues due to incessant need of heating and cooling. Energy efficiency is the answer to reduce the rising energy costs and C02 emissions in the atmosphere. ‘Hikae Equs’ building EPS panels helps curb C02 emissions:
  • Up to 40%* less during the building phase
  • Up to 65%* less during the use of the building in its lifetime.

*The data shown is taken from reports of the “PEP – Promotion of European Passive Houses – Energy Saving Potential”.
A good thermal insulation can reduce energy consumption by 50%. The use of ‘Hikae Equs’ eps sandwich panels results in the construction energy efficient buildings, ensuring savings of up to 80% of energy throughout the life span of the building. ‘Hikae Equs’ System provides a great improvement in the thermal comfort within the building, greatly reducing the energy consumption and favours strategies for a sustainable development.
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Environment Friendly​
Expanded Polystyrene, one of the main components of our product, has been approved and certified by regulatory authorities and agencies as being eco-friendly with the lowest environmental impact. It does not release toxic or harmful substances and is completely inert.
  • It is 100% recyclable and hence no waste is created during production.
  • It contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCS) nor hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), hence it is ‘Freon Free’
  • It does not cause allergies or damage to the health of those who produce it or work with it. It inhibits the growth of microorganisms and mould. Hence it is Non-toxic.
  • At the least, ~ 70% lesser water consumption as compared to concrete buildings.
  • Uses much less concrete, and hence a much smaller carbon foot print.
Seismic, Fire, Heat and Wind Safety​
  • Fire Resistant, as the panels are self-extinguishing. Once the fire source has been removed, the flame extinguishes.
  • Earthquake Resistant, as the buildings are about 30% lighter as compared to conventional buildings with more tensile and compressive strength because of steel and concrete, making it superior in seismic strength and wind resistance.
  • Heat Resistant, due to the inner core which is a bad conductor of heat, it is able to maintain a considerable difference of the inner temperature compared to the ambient temperature outside.
  • Sound Proof, as the inner core is a bad conductor of sound, hence the interiors are acoustically protected.
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Cost Benefit
It is the most cost-effective building due to a variety of reasons.
  • Extremely long lifespan, three times that of conventional buildings, it needs much less repairs with time.
  • Extremely fast installation with considerable saving in time.
  • Zero raw material wastage
  • Lesser concrete and structural steel used and hence lower labour cost.
  • Cost of construction is more or less similar to the cost of conventional construction.
  • ~10% more carpet area (very effective and huge savings in metro cities).
Protection Against Natural
and Man-made Disasters

Shelters made with ‘Hikae Equs’ eps panels offer protection against various natural and man-made mishaps when compared to other conventional means of building. These are due to the inherent strength of the material used in making ‘Hikae Equs’ panels; Expanded Poly Styrene is extremely light compared to concrete, a bad conductor of heat and electricity, non-inflammable material, completely inert substance.Hence it bestows ‘Hikae Equs’ eps panels with:

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Termite, insect and rodent, proof

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Traditional construction method vs expanded polystyrene panels comparison - HIKAE EQUS
Traditional Construction
VsExpanded Polystyrene
Slow ConstructionTimeFast Construction
Heavier weightWeightLight Weight
Fire Safety
Earthquake Proof
Damp Proof
BadTemperature ControlExtremely Good