Hikae Equs is a revolutionary
construction system

Hikae Equs is capable of enhancing design and structural integrity of any building. It is light yet it retains rigidity, has extremely good thermal insulation and a high impact resistance. Apart from that, it possesses high load-bearing capacity at low weight, absolute water and vapor barrier, air tightness for controlled environments, extremely long life (3 times that of conventional buildings), low maintenance.

Hikae Equs is a leading manufacturer of wall panels, sandwich panels, ready-made walls, single panels, double panels, floor panels, stair panels, landing panels, and curved panels. Our products are made with the highest quality building materials and construction methods, and are backed by a comprehensive warranty. With Hikae Equs, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible products for your construction project.

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Simple combination with other systems
- Efficient
- Simple integration

Concrete over panels
- Durable
- Extended lifecycle
- Water, mold, vermin resistant

Reinforced concrete over Panel structure
- Finish materials applied over concrete
- Any architectural style

Highly insulated walls
- Energy savings for life
- Healthy, keeps mold and allergens outside

Standard foundation system
- Panel for greater insulation

It is so versatile that it can which, helps you ensure mind boggling efficiency in the management of any construction site, thus saving time and money considerably due to quick and easy assembly of the components. Not only that, but ‘Hikae Equs’ System also offers excellent earthquake resistance and thermal acoustic performances, over and above efficient energy savings. It is an ideal solution to guarantee quick responses, while maintaining a high quality and living comfort of the building, even under complicated logistical and climatic conditions. It finds a wide variety of applications.

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Solid core insulation
  • Cost efficient / high performance
  • Sustainable / long term insulator
  • Bacteria resistant, won’t decay
  • No CFC’s or HCFC’s
  • Multiple width and densities available


Welded frame of galvanized tmt rods
  • Continuous structural frame
  • Welded to Truss System
  • Distributes loads evenly for structural strength and load bearing capacity


Diagonal Truss System (Galvanized tmt rods)
  • Load distribution – wind, seismic resistance
  • Diaphragm effect
  • Unmatched strength to weight ratio


Concrete finish
  • Fire resistant (Class A rated)
  • Durable / low maintenance
  • Water and mold resistant
  • “Monolithic” building envelope
  • Insect and vermin resistant
About Panels


‘Hikae Equs’ Panels can actually be described as ‘modern-day, modular building blocks’ that offer you complete flexibility, optimum efficiency and much needed economical respite in your construction endeavour. They are your one-stop-solution for various building needs.
hikae equs
Need a residential house, a multi-storey building, a warehouse, an industrial shed, or a commercial building; whatever be the geographical location of the site, ‘Hikae Equs’ will always prove to be the most ideal choice, either partially or wholly. And guess what, it is cost effective, almost 3 times longer lasting, faster and ecologically more viable option compared to the conventional methods of building.


It as a lighter yet a strong flooring option that can accommodate various tiling options

Stairs & Landings

Stairs & Landings

Considerable reduction of weight compared to a solid slab, and presence of a continuous insulation

Internal Wall

Internal Wall

Partition walls and regular internal walls, separators, etc.

External Wall

External Wall

Load bearing walls, retaining walls, regular external walls, cladding walls, etc.



With supplementary steel additions like joists, it as a lighter yet a strong ceiling option