Landing Panel

Landing Panel

(For Use In Staircases Only)
These panels are used to build landings on stairs where the two stairs meet and change directions; hence, they are strengthened with bi-directionally reinforced plates. These are stronger than the flooring or the ceiling panels and are thus built differently. The ‘Hikae Equs’ landing panel is an excellent solution for building landings adjacent to staircases made with the ‘Hikae Equs’ stair panel. The landing panel can also be used for any plate or slab in reinforced concrete that needs reinforcement in two directions. With the advantage of a considerable reduction in weight compared to a solid concrete slab, and the presence of a continuous insulation that also acts as a formwork. Ideal for landings, floors and bi-directional armed plates.
Landing Panel - eps Sandwich panels- building materials-Hikae Equs