Floor Panel

Floor Panel

With the rapidly evolving construction industry and its varied needs, the sandwich panels underwent a lot of evolution as was needed. With the need for extra strength for bearing loads, being able to withstand impact due to loads, the need was felt for options of the panel for flooring and roofing; so, the panel changed with the need into a flooring and ceiling panel. This is a very specialised panel that gets used as the flooring or the roofing. They offer considerable advantages in terms of lightness, insulation and assembly speed. Structural insulated floor panels are ideal for floors and roofs with reinforced concrete beams.
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Let’s understand how a floor panel is created:

The sound proof floor panels are made of a moulded sheets of ‘Hikae Equs insulating panels’ specially for floors and roofing of buildings as the name suggests.
Extra steel reinforcement, typically in the form of steel bars or mesh, is strategically placed within the EPS foam. Other reinforcements in form of special joist beams were added to provide crucial structural strength to the panel. Concrete is then poured into the moulds and the pockets along with shot-creting the entire surface to suitable level, encapsulating the EPS core and reinforcing steel. The concrete mix used should meet the required structural and insulation properties. Vibration may be used to help settle the concrete and remove air pockets. After shot-creting, it is left to cure. Curing is the process by which the concrete hardens and gains strength. This can take several days to achieve the desired level of strength. The panel may undergo finishing processes, surface smoothing, and any necessary detailing, to meet specific design and construction requirements.
It’s important to note that the manufacturing process of insulated flooring panels may vary depending on the specific manufacturer, project requirements, and regional construction practices. Additionally, the quality of materials, the design of the panel, and the curing process all play significant roles in the final performance and durability of the reinforced concrete EPS panel.