Curved Panel

Curved Panel

All the various adaptations thus far were very functional in terms of their utility. Then the need was felt for panels that offer the same strength yet are artistic too. Thus, the curved panel came into existence. The curved panel is a very special eps panel, of great dimensions and thickness, produced in the factory in a flat shape and arranged to be curved, later, at the site. Thus, the structural insulated curved panel produced is easily transported and then, manually or semi-automatically, curved at the site into the desired form, using pneumatic tools. The main advantage of these insulated curved panels is its ability to cover large surfaces quickly and conveniently. These panels give the architects, the freedom to be more creative and try out new shapes. The curved surface enhances air circulation, reduces potential moisture and thus improves thermal performances of the houses.
Curved Panel - eps Sandwich panels - building materials- Hikae Equs

Here is an overview of the manufacturing process
for curved reinforced concrete sandwich panels:

Curved reinforced concrete sandwich panels offer a combination of structural integrity, thermal insulation, and aesthetic versatility. They are often used in contemporary architectural designs to create visually striking and energy-efficient building exteriors. The manufacturing process of sound proof curved panels, as described above, ensures that these panels meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.