Tenements to high-rise to commercial buildings

Understanding the wide applications of Hikae Equs Panels

The construction industry has been constantly evolving, driven by the need for more sustainable and efficient
building methods.

Tenements to high-rise to commercial buildings

Understanding the wide applications of Hikae Equs Panels

The construction industry has been constantly evolving, driven by the need for more sustainable and efficient building methods. There have been significant advancements over the years where innovations have continuously reshaped the way we build. Wall panels are very slowly pushing away the brick-and-mortar walls into obscurity due to speed of construction and other properties embedded in them. Among the innovative materials that have gained prominence in recent years, ‘Hikae Equs’ sandwiched panels have emerged as a versatile and eco-friendly solution. From simple tenements to towering high-rise buildings to spectacular commercial edifices, these EPS panels are transforming the way we build, offering numerous benefits that make them the preferred choice in contemporary construction.

At the very core of the ‘Hikae Equs’ sandwiched panels is the ‘Hikae Equs’ insulating core made of EPS panels. Each individual panel, is enclosed by a galvanized mesh made of TMT steel rods interconnected by trusses of TMT rods. These eps panels are produced industrially and then are assembled at site. They get coated with two layers of concrete directly at site. This gives the readymade walls their remarkable strength. They are lightweight, durable, and exhibit excellent thermal insulation capabilities, making them an ideal choice for an equatorial country like India. These readymade walls come in various thicknesses and can be easily cut and shaped to fit specific project requirements. This adaptability has made them invaluable in a wide range of construction applications.

One of the most notable uses of ‘Hikae Equs’ sandwiched panels is in the construction of affordable housing. In densely populated urban areas, where space is limited and housing costs are high, these panels provide a cost-effective solution. These EPS panels are easy to transport and install, reducing labour costs significantly. Their insulating properties also help in energy efficiency, making them a sustainable choice for affordable housing projects; these panels offer a cost-effective solution for insulating walls, keeping the internal temperatures at least 8 degrees higher or lower.
As cities continue to grow vertically, multi-storey constructions have become a norm. ‘Hikae Equs’ sandwiched panels play a vital role in making high-rise multi-storey constructions more environment friendly. Thermal insulation property of this EPS panels helps reduce the energy consumption required for heating and cooling, particularly important in skyscrapers where temperature regulation can be a significant challenge. Further, the lightweight nature of the panels contributes to overall structural efficiency by reducing the load on the building’s foundation and support systems. This not only decreases construction costs but also lowers the building’s environmental impact, as less material is required.
Beyond residential buildings, this building material has also made its mark in commercial construction. In high-traffic commercial areas like shopping malls, where maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is crucial for attracting customers, this building material contributes significantly to HVAC efficiency. By controlling heat transfer, these readymade walls help maintain consistent temperatures, resulting in energy savings and improved comfort for shoppers and employees alike. The ease of installation and lightweight nature of the readymade walls make them particularly appealing in projects where time and budget are crucial.
Time is often a critical factor in construction projects. ‘Hikae Equs’ sandwiched panels are known for their rapid installation process. The pre-fabricated readymade walls can easily be transported to the construction site and assembled quickly, reducing construction timelines. The panels offer architects and designers a high degree of versatility. They can be customized to meet specific design requirements, allowing for innovative and aesthetically pleasing building designs. The flexibility of these panels extends to interior spaces as well, making them a versatile choice for both structural and interior applications.
From tenements to high-rise buildings, the wide-ranging applications of these readymade walls in construction have transformed the way we build. These panels have proven their worth in affordable housing projects, energy-efficient buildings, disaster-resilient construction, and efficient construction processes. Their design versatility further enhances their appeal, making them a favourite among architects and designers.
As sustainable construction continues to evolve, these panels stand as a testament to the innovative solutions that drive progress in the field. As the construction industry continues to embrace eco-friendly practices and seeks innovative solutions to address the challenges of sustainable construction, the panels are likely to play an even more significant role in shaping the buildings of the future.